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A few alternate rules have been adopted for character creation for the Dragons Back Campaign.

Attributes (aka Abilities)Edit

At character creation, attrributes should be purchased using the Pathfinder attribute cost table (Pathfinder Core, page 16) using 20 points for distribution.

Hit PointsEdit

At 1st level, characters dispose of 20 hp + Hit Die maximum + Constitution modifier.

After first level, character gain Hit Die average ((die minimum + die maximum)/2) + Constitution modifier.


There are several intelligent races in Gazarro. It is suggested, however, that player characters be created only as Humans, Elves, Dwarves or Halflings.


Characters start at level 3 in the campaign.

Starting GoldEdit

3rd level characters start with 1'500gp and the only magic items that may be purchased are potions.