The world of the Dragons Back campaign has several peculiarities.

Gazarro is a very large continent basked by warm waters in the north and swept by arctic winds in the south. The entire continent is under the protection of an ancient ritual that condemns any Dragon breathing its air to stupidity. So large is the continent that it has very different climates in the north and the south.

Beyond the continent's souther limits, the Goninpo Island is the largest known territory beholden to the Dragon's rule. Its continental ally, the walled kingdom of Jinjaia does not cower under the rule of the Wyrms, though it elects to bend to their power.

The Shard is said to be sliver of Gazarro that has such large rivers that it appears to be separated. While some call it an island, the fact that it lays under the protection of the Dragons Bane ceremony, proves it is but a part of the greater continent.



The Humans of Gazarro dominate the plains throughout the continent. Its most impressive civilization was the Alskar Empire which stretched from the Eastern Sea to the Trunk, in the West and held for hundreds of years. So great was that most imponent of Human empires that it influenced Elven Courts and Dwarven Halls.

After the collapse of the Empire, the two institutions most revered by the populace are the Crown and the Temple. Humans have a complex hierarchy of feudal masters and servants, lords and vassals, with the King at the top of the structure. The kingdoms of Kaoteria and Saulas are the largest to the West, while the Kingdom of Vausi stands the vastest to the East - if the barbaric Jinjaia is to be discounted, which it is by most civilized people.


The continental Elves claim dominion over all woods, forests and jungles of Gazarro.