Brief HistoryEdit

(Common knowledge)

In Gazarro, the Lycanthrope and the Orc are to be feared just as much as the Human or Elf bearing the wrong colors. Dark sorcerers as well as heretic priests sway minds and hearts through insidious magic. The one creature that is not to be feared, is the Dragon.

A potent ceremony banished the foul creatures of the continent and imposed a curse of robbed intelligence on those that remained on the land for a thousand years. That was a thousand years ago.

The civilized people of Gazarro are unprepared for the return of the mighty wyrms. For two hundred years, literacy has been forbidden to the people of the lands inherited from the Western Alskar Empire, East and West stand divided and conspiracies abound in the courts of those who should unite to defend the continent.

The Vallorian PactEdit

A couple of centuries ago, after the civil war known simply as the Autumn Battles, the Elves of the Autumn and Starfall Courts came to the aid of the Emperor of Alskara. As the price to their military help, was the imposition of the Vallorian Pact, which forbade Humans from using letters of any sort and for any purpose throughout the empire's territories. An exception was made to the Order of the Chroniclers, which were held as "wise enough to use the power of the alphabet to just and honorable purpose".

The law of the Pact was enforced by the Purgers which burned books and pactbreakers with equal severity.