Murder=== It was late summer in Anspara when the elven delegation from the Saraz Valley arrived. They were fourteen Elves, eight from Saraz proper and another six picked up on the way. They were introduced by Anuril, a warrior-mage of the Fey, one called a Bladesinger. He brought an apprentice with him, Aelwyn Ariavel, that didn't speak much but paid attention to everything.

It was two days before the delegation was granted an audience with the Marquis, Cardulus III. The meeting was cold and formal until the matter of the Dragon Bane was brought up. A heated argument resulted from the breach of the subject, but, in the end, Anuril seemed to get what he wanted in the end. The venerable Bladesinger stormed out of the meeting room in a rush. He abandoned his pupil with the charge of keeping the safetyf of the other members of the delegation and rushed out to the country-side.

The responsibility seemed simple enough at the time, keeping a dozen powerful Elves safe in a friendly nation, under the roof of an allied sovereign. It was a shocking surprise, then, when Aelwyn, just after she said her farewell to her master, came back to the meeting room and found out all the members that remained with the Marquis were dead, poisoned.

Summoning to the CastleEdit

Gloryus Mark, a young Cleric who arrived at the city several months before was called immediately to the Marquis' Castle. Cardalus III was anxious and angry, enervated by the situation, by the apparent attempt on his life. He asked Gloryus to take charge of the investigation, or rather, of the hunt for the assassin. The Marquis explained how it had already been found out that the wine had been served by the servant Milius and that the young boy was found murdered in his own chambers, his throat slashed open. Milius had been assigned to the castle's Chronicler, Ignacius, for several years and the monk disappeared with a retinue, after stealing several horses the morning of the Elves' murder. The Marquis needed Gloryus to pursue and capture Ignacius, bring him to Anspara to meet justice and to answer for his crimes before the throne and the remaining elven representatives.

Gathering of ForcesEdit

Gloryus accepted the charge. Anspara's liege added that he feared a conspiracy from the Temple and he required that the Cleric involve no members of the clergy in his search. In fact, he cautioned Gloryus against relying on anyone from Anspara who might have been corrupted by Ignacius and whoever was aiding him.